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Dear singers,

Welcome to my website! During my 27 years of teaching I have taught singers of all ages, voice types, and abilities. My goal has always been to develop the unique voice and performing personality of every singer. I am committed to giving students the vocal/technical tools necessary for professional level singing, as well as helping them to develop as actors and musicians. I feel the voice teacher also has a responsibility to help students with the life skills so crucial for developing a singing career.

My extensive training and academic credits, performing background as both a singer and an actress, and as an Opera Workshop Director, have given me the teaching tools to develop singers who have been successful nationally and regionally in Opera, Musical Theatre, and varied concert venues. My complete dedication to my teaching and unfailing support of my students is often confirmed in spontaneous letters and E - mail comments from students and colleagues:

“Best teacher I ever had.”

                                    Andrea Robertson

                                    Musical  Theater performer, Actress

“Anne!! I had a blast today!! You are a truly remarkable, special teach.  You ROCK!”

                                    Steven Cogswell, tenor

Anne!! I had a “mini” lesson today. Dr. Hurtado, (my teacher) says Thank You! for giving me such great technique.”


“I loved reading your essay on what it takes to have a career as a classical singer. Those of us who have been your students are truly blessed to have had the opportunity to study with someone who puts so much effort into her teaching, and who cares so much about students. Your love for what you do truly comes through! An added plus is your combined wisdom, talent and great pedagogical skills”.

“ I love your passion, Anne!  Your reputation as an excellent teacher is well earned.”


“Thank you! You are truly a great teacher and I think I learned more from you in the short period of time we worked together than I did from all my previous teachers combined. Thanks for everything! Hopefully we can work something out again for this summer.”

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Hannah Richter,

Interlochen Arts Academy 2010

Ithaca College, Voice Major,2010

Professor Dr. Art Jones

Founder, The Spirituals Project

Paige Hahnenkamp

Cherry Creek High graduate, 2009

CSU Voice Major, 2010

Cynthia Vaughn

co-author of “The Singing Book”