“Anne is a great voice teacher…one of the very best Colorado has to offer. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about good musical training and a healthy vocal technique. I am very fortunate to have benefited from her instruction early on in my studies. Once I completed college, there was no question with whom I wanted to continue my vocal training.”

Jenee Stewart, soprano.


B.M. University of Colorado at Boulder.

Finalist, DLOG Competition for Colorado Singers.

District Finalist, Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions.

“ I entered Anne’s studio as an extremely frustrated baritone; she quickly assessed that I was actually a tenor. Although not convinced, I decided to trust her expertise and I followed her patient direction. Anne helped me discover my own natural voice…a tenor’s! Her teaching has brought me a technique I can rely on, and she continues to help me refine my singing. Cheers, Anne!”

Jeff Medwetz, tenor.


“I was a student of Anne Van Etten for many years. It is my opinion that Anne has a true gift for teaching voice. She has an understanding and knowledge of the physiology involved in vocal production and an ear for hearing and assessing problems in individual voices. Anne has considerable knowledge of techniques for freeing the voice, maximizing vocal beauty and ease of singing, and she offers solid solutions for overcoming vocal problems. Anne is a professional in every sense of the word and knows what it takes to pursue a singing career. Her help and encouragement does not end with lessons. Students are always apprised of auditions, concerts, books and articles and appropriate classes. Encouraging and providing performance opportunities for students in a variety of venues has always been at the top of her priorities.

Shauna Southwick, soprano.

Fort Collins

B.M. Colorado State University, M.M. Adams State University.

Former Opera Colorado Outreach Ensemble performer.

Former Opera Fort Collins Board member

“I am having a wonderful experience taking voice from Anne. I started taking lessons with her in February 2001. One of the things I admire about her is that she teaches a HEALTHY singing technique. I appreciate how I can work on a variety of musical styles in her studio, from high soprano to Musical Theatre belt. I feel lucky that I have a voice teacher like Anne!”

Jennifer Ward, soprano.


Musical Theatre performer.

B.M. University of Colorado at Boulder.

“The combination of her welcoming personality, professional attitude and attention to detail is a gift to any student/artist. Anne was so patient and wise with me as a new young student with no previous training, yet managed my skills with correction and discipline. I am most grateful for her instruction which targeted my instrument but never hindered my freedom as an artist. She always encouraged my voice to be MY voice, and for that I am most grateful. Singing requires extreme technique, but acting requires the artist to manipulate that technique to suit the demands of the role. Her guidance is still with me today.”

Loren Christopher, tenor.

B.M. New Jersey City University

Broadway performer and TV actor,

New York.

“I LOVE taking lessons from Anne. Not only do I feel comfortable singing in her studio, but I have also improved tremendously since I started taking lessons with her two years ago. Anne’s techniques of explaining how singing should FEEL help me to understand what I am doing incorrectly and how to fix it. She has also taught me efficient ways to study music, and how to convey the emotions of songs through my voice and stage presence. As much as I have improved, I know that I still have a lot to work on, and I have no doubt that Anne will help me achieve my goals as a singer, musician and performer. I hope that one day I will be as inspirational to others as Anne is to me. She inspires me more than one could imagine to follow my dreams and to be the best singer and person that I can be.”

Melanie Rothman, soprano.


Arapahoe High School senior.

All State High School Choir, 2008

Voice scholarship to New York University, Fall 2008

“I have been a student of Anne Van Etten since 2001. When I began my studies with her I considered my voice to have many problems that needed fixing, and my self-confidence was quite low. She has been most helpful in helping me to finally overcome my vocal challenges. I have really learned how to use the breath consistently, maintain a good legato, and keep my tone on pitch. Anne has been extremely encouraging and a catalyst in helping me overcome my feelings of self-doubt and lack of confidence. She is positive and encouraging, but honest at the same time--- always making it clear to me what her expectations are and what my potential is. I am singing better than I ever have, and I owe this to her consistent, thoughtful teaching. Anne has also been extremely helpful to me as a mentor and guide in my work as a private voice teacher. She offers much expertise on vocal technique and training as well as wisdom in dealing with interpersonal relationships with students. She is always happy to help and share ideas, and never acts as if what she has learned in her many years of teaching are well-guarded secrets. I believe this has been just as important to me as the stellar vocal training I have received from her.”

Amy Harris, soprano

Highlands Ranch

B.M. Brigham Young University

“When I first became a student of Anne’s in 2001, I had severe vocal problems. I had had several years of previous study but kept having reoccurring problems. I had no sound just above my lower passaggio and an extremely noticeable break. By the end of vocal warm ups I was exhausted. I had made a decision to stop singing altogether when a friend suggested that I see Anne. After a month of rest for vocal fold edema, I had to begin from scratch, learning the basics of vocal technique and building my voice back up. Five years later I am amazed at the transformation my voice has made. I have more sound in my passaggio than I ever had but with no “break” in my voice. My voice continues to grow stronger and bigger and more even, the color of my mezzo soprano voice is darker, and my technique has improved tremendously.

I truly believe that if I had not been referred to Anne, I would have had permanent vocal damage. She is a REMARKABLE vocal coach who personally cares about her students and can transform a damaged voice back to proper health. Anne has made such a difference in my vocal abilities, that I truly can say I owe my accomplishments to her! I thank her from the bottom of my heart!”

Kimberly Woolfolk, Mezzo Soprano.


Opera, Musical Theatre, and Jazz performer.

“The immaculate guidance of Ms. Anne for six years has been such a gift to me as an aspiring performer. Her knowledge and technical expertise have given me the necessary skills to perform both as a classical singer and as a musical theatre performer. My weaknesses have become my strengths because of her understanding of the craft and art of singing, and her unique talents as a voice instructor.”

Courtney Capek, soprano

Green Mountain

Musical Theatre major, B.F.A. program, Metro College.

Student Testimonials

Encore Classics: Jeanne Arrigo performing at the Capital Hill People’s Fair, Main Stage.

Jenee Stewart as Baby Doe, in scene from “The Ballad of Baby Doe,” Black Box Opera.

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